Twizy MOT & service

Hi everyone,

Sorry to repeat an old thread but I need to get an MOT and service for my Twizy. I was told when I bought it that both could be done at a Nissan garage. Is this correct? My local Nissan garage doesn’t seem to think so…!



There is not much to a service. However the MOT needs to have a ramp and brake test rollers that are small enough for a Twizy.

Service is mostly:-
Check Brake Fluid
Inspect and adjust brake pads and disks

No Oil changes.

The rest are inspections carried out by MOT or day to checks. Bulbs Wipers, tyres and Washer fluid.

In fact one of the checks on the Renault list is Dust caps fitted to all wheels!

National Tyres did my last MOT test. As a national company, I imagine that there will be one somewhere near you.

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My MOT was booked in at Renault who then moved it to a motorcycle MOT centre across the road.

The dealership has full EV support and still could not complete the MOT

I suppose that is fine provided they didn’t charge you extra to handle moving it across the road. Next time it will be 4 years old Renault can do the last free service and you now know you can just go to the Bike place for the MOT.

As the big motorbike place is nearer by 10 miles than the Renault ZE place I will go that root. The local Renault place couldn’t do the MOT!

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