Twizy Mudflaps

I’ve read online that the Twizy mud flaps which are a £30.00 optional extra actually significantly reduce spray to the bottom of the doors. Does anybody have these or has anybody bought these to combat the spray?

I’ve also noticed that the spray from the back wheels is very high. It’s almost like the back of a jet ski when driving the twizy in the rain. I was driving home from London last night in torrential rain, and the spray coming from the back wheels was literally taller than the Twizy itself. Anybody else notice this?

They look ugly, but could be a good idea.

The problem they solve that most will not yet have seen, is the bottom part of the door is easy to scratch when cleaning. So the less dirt sprayed on to the doors the better.

I also think they look like you could catch them to easily.

See the fitting guide. The wheels have to come off and the current wheel arches drilled. So no going back an if you do rip it of it will do a lot of damage. I want to look at alternatives. But it may take a while as I now have a trailer to mod for the Twizy!


Yes, I’ve noticed how even the simplest upgrades/modifications seem to be either very complicated or destructive with the Twizy.

I had to take the front bumper off just to replace my number plate as they hadn’t used normal screws :?

I have them on my Twizy and can say i got to see the full effect after driving back in the downfall of rain saturday night… very impressed with them, in the photos they do not look that nice but in person they dont really stand out and blend in ok in my opinion and they do the job so i am happy with the purchase.

Also have to agree with the jet ski comment i noticed that off the rear but hey not my issue perhaps it will keep people of my back haha

According to Electricandy you can get rear mud flaps at £60 each but not seen these on the Renault web site yet.


I shall ask him about those.

There does seem to be a lot more for the Twizy than Renault themselves are letting on. To be honest, their website is awful, and when I ordered my Twizy, there was no nice brochure showing me my options or anything or accessories and the dealers didn’t have a clue.

I put it down to the fact that it is just so new and we are extremely early adopters.

We have these as well, and they make quite a difference on an open Twizy. They appear to cut back on the mist that is drawn into the Twizy by the ventilation airflow. They’re a pig to fit if you’re at all cack-handed, and if I had my time over again I think I’d take the mudguards off, rather than the wheel.

Okay picked up mine today. They are soft and very flexiable.

I we take a series of pictures during fiting an perhaps try ecofunkytravels advise on removing the mudguard rather than the wheel. But we will see.

Fitting Pictures and extra instructions.

Starting point :slight_smile:

The Kit in a big box. Instructions, Nuts and Bolts and two Flexible Mud flaps. They are not solid as they look in the Renault Pictures.

Okay I looked at the instructions got the tools out and Decided to follow eccofunktravel’s suggestion of removing the Mud guards and NOT the wheel.
3 Bolts hold them on. You cannot use a socket on the front mounting. There are two bolts on the rear mounting. Only the top one needs to come right out. See Yellow circle. Green circle bolt has to come right out.

This was a good move as the actual bolting out is really tricky to get aligned. So I was glad I did it this way and not remove the wheel.

All set now to drill the Mud Guard. Follow the instructions sort of!
I position fitted the Mud Flaps and marked where to drill with the 6mm Drill bit suggested.
Removed the Mud flap and drilled through from the inside.
Turned it over and drilled from the out side with 9mm drill. This cuts down on the burrs and miss alignment.

Now the tricky bit

Insert the flat flat nuts in the correct slots on the Mud Flap. I found that it was best to screw the bold in first as it screws in better from one side than the other of the nut. Then put them in the slots the right way round.

Loose fit and screw the bolts in to the captive nuts. Sounds simple but this is where I was really glad I wasn’t laying on the floor. This part took longer than the rest of the job. The bolts only just go through and just screw in when pressed. Not easy to align.

Refit the Mud Guards making sure that the 3 bolts per side are tight. I found a bit of oil on the threads allowed them to screw in easier as they are quite long.

All done in around 1.5 hours, because of the bolting on not going as well as I thought it should.

Looks like us northerners are too tight to pay a garage to fit anything ;).
Good work with the pics etc, I thought the flaps looked a bit odd on the Renault site, but can’t deny they would be hand to stop some of the splats a t the rear.
What do they look like in the flesh ?

Does make me wonder why these don’t just come as standard… I mean, they’re just mudflaps, could have been integrated into the wheel arch and saved everyone a lot of bother lol.

A good idea in the UK but not necessary everywhere. Also not everyone wants such long Mud Guards. Hope mine don’t come off on the speed bumps. Do all new cars come with mud flaps or are they often optional extras?


Not had any issues with the bumps around London and can safely say they are everywhere and they are rather high as well… they are quite flexible so don’t see a major problem having them fitted and they keep the spray down so thumbs up for me!!

As per optional extras most are on new cars, my Audi’s (had 3 now over the years) have never come with any :frowning: nor my very first car a Peugeot 206 always been an optional for me unless you can grab a free pair out of a sales pitch :cool:

Two images of the mud flaps installed on my Twizy:

What is the width of the Flaps?

I am thinking of doing a mod job with these.

The colours match the one I have gone for. 2 weeks to go!

That’s it :mad: had enough of the mud, ordered the extended flaps :rolleyes:

Twizy was immaculate this morning, did the 4 mile school run and had to wipe down my son who was splattered all over (face, coat, bag, lunchbox) from the mud on the lanes, plus the entire car is plastered inside and out-even the rear headrest and inside the roof are covered in mud spots.

Once fitted, I will do the same run and post with/without photos in the same road conditions.

You won’t regret it, but mud flaps only prevent direct wheel to interior trajectory. When it’s very wet, the car sucks in the fine mist that bounces off the road, and that can be muddy. So instead of large gobs of mud in the eye, you may get a muddy mist which dries into a fine grained dust on the seats and the dashboard. Having said that, we don’t have doors, so the eddy patterns may be different for you. Because we don’t have doors, we get to observe the mud flaps dumping a constant stream of water on the road that would otherwise have been in the air!

I have noticed the interior is often as dirty as the exterior, will try the flaps but know what you mean about the fine spray. I wish someone would make windows to my design (one fixed, no cabin access, the other with cabin access and an opener in the same style as a 2CV).

I’ll see how the flaps help first!

Would 2 of these fit?