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Twizy Mudguards (Front)

I’ve no idea how I ended up with a spare set, but I’ve a boxed set of Twizy front mudguards looking for a new home. They cut down on spray and road dirt hitting the doors and surrounds, it also means you don’t get a footwell of water when it’s raining! Unused, complete with fitting instructions, I can let them go for £20.00 for collection from Glasgow (or shipping to most I’d UK destinations for £5.49 ).

Can you send to Norway?

Certainly - but the shipping cost might be prohibitive - PM me a postal code and I’ll find out. There might also be import duty at your end (or not, as it is a private sale) but I cannot say for certain.

Cannot be as prohibitive as Renault prices : 130 Euro…

Wow - that really is milking it, that must include fitting, surely?

ill take them off you, saves going to the dealer… pm me pay pal and ill do it…cheers

You can have first refusal - as Revoblom asked first, I’m still awaiting his postcode info via PM. If me doesn’t get back by the weekend or the shipping is too pricey for him, they’re yours. Is that fair?

His shipping will be more than the part… Wants the dealer cost? I’ve never asked.

€130 has been mentioned - mine was part of a larger order of bits (wrap etc), so I’ve no idea

sent PM

Nooo, that’s 145 Euro with fitting. I have that done a day before you posted that thread, still eating my hand over that…

Buzby have you seen the PM i sent you

Yes - just awaiting prices from the second of 2 carriers!