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Twizy & my iPhone

Not sure how this will look on here, but looks great on my I pad.
1st panoramic shot with my new phone this morning :slight_smile:

Nice. Thanks for sharing.

I also got my iPhone 5 yesterday :smiley: Loving it so far, I need to get some nice shots of my Twizy in action.


Actually, anyone with an iPhone running iOS 6 can take panoramas. I’m still in the old iPhone 4s camp, and probably won’t upgrade right away.

I’ll try and take a panorama later on, if and when I head out in Topher.

Here’s a photo I took a few months ago, in a similarly rural setting.

Which brings me to the obvious question: How many of us use our Twizys in rural settings? I would say about half my driving is in the countryside as I’m right on the fringe of Bristol!

As I live in the Peak District or right on the very edge, most of my driving is rural. Compared to London and Bristol all of it is rural.:smiley:
A lot lightly’s is in open country. I used to do the same trip when I first left school and if it is still the same as then it would be a nice journey most of the time.

My friend has an IPhone 4 running iOS 6, and it doesn’t do Panerama,s. we both looked on it today.