Twizy not charging after stalled charge

I charged my Twizy with a gas generator,
idea was to use it as a range extender when you have to fo far without electricity chargers.

Now for some reason the generator stalled and I unplugged. Now the Twizy wont charge but I can drive it.

I spoke to some friends and their tip was that the charger did break.
What are your thoughts of what might be broken?
thnx for help


Thomas welcome to the forum.

Could be that the stall caused a large power spike and the charger has failed. But we are really just guessing. Does the charger make any sounds when you try charging?
Have you checked the fuse in the plug on the Twizy cable? (might be that simple).
Everything is in the Black box under the drives floor panel.
How old is the Twizy as the chargers did change.
Can you let us know how you get on.

When you say fuse in the Twizy cable, is that fuse next to the other fuses or somewhere else?

Hi Osbrook and thank you for helping.
It is a Twizy 2016, I have checked all fuses just where the handbrake is, nothing broken.
There are above all smallfuses two or three large black things that i do not know if it is a relay or a fuse though.

When i try to charge it says click and then nothing, at the same time the groupfuse on my house goes off. Not ground though.

Before the gas generator stalled I had no problem charging and heard the fan kickin in.
I still can drive the car if that is any neccesary onfo. although i have 85%to go and i need to spend those % carefully so I wont have to tow thw Twzy.

In the UK the PLUG on the end of the curly lead has a fuse in it.

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Sounds like part of the charger is working and it’s not an input to the charger fuse.
When the Twizy tries to charge is uses 12V to operate the charging relays. This is the click you hear at the start. Next the fan on the charger cuts in, if it doesn’t there is a problem or you are about to have a problem.

So I’m afraid it is the charger that has failed. Not too hard to replace yourself but not cheap either.

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Thanks a million for the answer, to cone in the issue makes it easyer to fix it.
Here in Gothenburg, Sweden we only have one dealer, Bilia that takes care of this and they have quite a tasty pricelist. Only for troubleshooting they charge 3000kr~260EUR even if it is only a fuse broken so can you find out by yourself you are lucky.
Hopefully I can find anotherone to repair the charger after demounting it.
I saw that there is a DYI on mounting the charger so Ill use that.

If you can remove the charger and take it to someone who’s good with electronics you may be lucky and get it repaired.

There’s some suppression components on the incoming power supply. Maybe a burnt varistor or something like that.

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Thanks Peter, I hope I can demount it coming week. I will try to have it fixed by a friend who is electritian. Hopefully he can fix it with guidance from the info in this thread and your guide of how to udemount the charger. thnx a million 4 your help

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I have now demounted the charger and given it to an electrition so well see how it goes.
Meantime Im searching for used parts and foung second hand charger, but they really do not look like the one I demounted, please help with what it s.

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That isn’t a Twizy charge, is it part of the Motor controller?

Jep, Motor controller…

Perhaps this illustration will help?

I have now got help from some friends to demount the charger and replaced a varistor.
It is now charging nicely.

My feeling though is that it is loosing batterycharge once fully charged.
Eg I charged it to 100% and an hour later it was up to 96%
Four days later it was down to 90%

I did not drive it so far so I have to test it abit longer to see if it is really like this.
Any thoughts or comments?

Thanks by the way for the DYI and help, I could not have done it without it!!!

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Good progress. The 12V battery is continuously being topped up from the traction battery. As you have had the Twizy standing for a while has the 12V battery been damaged (voltage dropped too low once)?

Also if may be some other vampire use on either 58v or 12 circuit.

My twizy battery charges to 100% then within a few minutes will drop to 97% Not checked it after a day so don’t know.

Are you sure that the 12V battery is continuously topped up by the traction battery when just parked? From what I have experienced that is not the case.

My experience tells me that the 12V battery is charged while charging or while driving, but left parked for longer time (and maybe even with a PowerBox on) the 12V battery will loose charge, whereas there is no change in the state of charge for the traction battery.

The answer to that appears to be the version of charger yu have in the Twizy or how old the Twizy is if you haven’t replaced it yet.

Mk2 of the charger appears to top up the 12V on a regular pattern. See thread on replacement charger.

The Power box does drain the 12V quickly.

That sounds like a possible explanation. Regarding the PowerBox (v2) I forgot to turn it off and in less than a week the battery was down to 3V and basically unrecoverable. The battery may have been in a bad condition before that, but was working fine without issues.

No big problem, just annoying. Got a replacement battery on Amazon for €30.

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The Twizy is a 2016 I have a powerbox from Kenneth but it is not connected as is.
I have ordered a new battery to see if that is the issue, but so far I did not experience or saw a sign that the 12v battery was bad.

what do you mean with vapire use on 58v or 12v circuit?

:slight_smile: Vampire drain is based on the stories of the way Vampires drain blood from victims but often over a long periods. Ie. feeding off the bank. Blood or battery.