Twizy not starting/Headlamps not turning off

Hi all,
Hoping you may be able to help me with my Twizy woes.

We’ve a 2017 Twizy giving us the following behaviors.

With ignition on, the headlights turn on automatically, even when we disconnect the switchgear.
The car wont go into drive.

We have an array of warning lights, both the Stop and Serv light, as well as the electrotechnical warning light.
We’ve gone over the car quite closely and ruled out fuse faults, fault with the charge flap sensor etc.

There’s two things we suspect that may have triggered the problem.
The HV battery was removed temporarily,
The car was left for many weeks with the ignition off.

We’ve explored some of the CAN traffic, and have deduced that the HV battery is in a “transitory state”. But we don’t currently have access to the Renault CLIP tool to diagnose, trigger the battery back to normal.

Has anyone experienced this problem before?
Does anyone know how to send the battery out of “transitory” mode, or is this a re herring?

Thanks for your help.

If it’s a 2017 vehicle then it should be still under warranty. Take it to your local dealer and save yourself the problem.