Twizy not turning on

Hello everyone!
Im having an issue with my Twizy and any help would be much appreciated.
I was away for holiday and my Twizy completely ran out of battery from sitting still. Ive plugged it in to the energy source and after two hours it still hasn’t charged at all. There are no indications on the dash board of energy and the only thing it does is allow the pedestrian warning sound to be turned on. Has anyone had this problem? any insight? Thanks!

Charge your front 12v battery first.
You will need to remove the lower front cover to access it.
Regular car battery charger needed;)

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@ALEXAKOS is completely right. Charge the 12V and then everything else should work as normal. The traction battery may well not have lost very much power just sitting there.

But doesn’t plugging in as normal charge the 12V too?
@emma Maybe leave it plug in longer and see. Let us know.

@askho Nope. If the 12V is dead then the relay to turn on the 12V charger (DC to Dc) from the traction battery doesn’t operate.

The charger charges the Traction battery if the charging circuit can be powered on and checks ran. This needs the 12V supply. Then the DC-DC charger comes on as if the Twizy was powered on to drive.

Thanks for the replies! is it normal that im not able to deactivate the hand brake? How can i charge the 12V battery?

@emma There electrical locking pin that needs a 12V supply to release. So you cannot undo the handbrake with out power. If you want to charge the 12V battery then you need to remove the front cover. Underneath are two bolts and then it unclips. (not done it myself) there are several Youtube videos that show this. I might even be in the handbook.

You can then see a small motorbike size 12V battery that can be removed for charging or charged in place. You could at this point “jump start” the twizy. ie, supply 12V to the battery as if to charge but don’t wait. If the Twizy is plugged in to charge the charging should start and you can remove the additional 12V supply. Else if no plugged in and there is charge in the traction battery then you can turn the car on to charge from the traction battery. Again remove the jumper supply before moving.

Once you have 12V you can also disengage the handbrake.

It’s all like an ICE car in that you need 12V to start the engine to charge the battery, except here it is battery to battery. The Twizy is not the only car with a handbrake that requires electric to release.

Thank you so much for your reply @osbrook I will try this and let you know how it goes…changing the subject just a little…do you know if there are other Renault cars that don’t let you release the handbrake without electric supply?

A few that have electric handbrakes. ie. push button to apply and auto release. We test drove one a couple of years ago, but cannot remember what it was. Scenic I think.

Other makes as well like the Tesla :grinning:

@osbrook Thanks!

@askho normally it would, but since the car was not in use for a while the 12V lost all its charge. I have to recharge the 12V so the main battery can recieve charge. I’ll let you know how it goes! thank you!

I was stranded at a friends because I drained the 12V by doing too many short journeys with headlights, wipers etc on. I couldn’t start the Twizy so had to leave it at my friends. I asked him to charge it overnight and next morning the Twizy started just as normal. Maybe the 12V wasn’t totally dead.

@Askho Maybe it it wasn’t quite that low and letting rest and a warming of the temperatures was just enough for it to trigger the charging circuit. Sounds like you were lucky.