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Twizy on BBC Breakfast

On Breakfast TV today (12 Sept 2012) there was a section on the Lake district and they showed how they wanted to use the Twizy as a green way of getting around. Sounds like a a smaller copy of ecofunkytravel scheme. Anyway they showed a doored Twizy wizzing a round. quote the range as 40 miles which is about right for new drivers around the area.

Yeah its been on the local news here. You can hire them to take in the lakes, and all the local business allow you to charge up while you have a drink or shop.

Not been up their since they had them. But when I mentioned mine they all said they saw them on the local news.

So if I take mine can I charge mine while having a cuppa? Or are the points only for the rented Twizys which would be a bit daft to the business trying to sell the drinks.

Does anyone know what it costs to hire a Twizy in the Lake District on this scheme?

Someone mentioned £10 an hour