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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Twizy on channel 4

Stephen Fry has got a new techy series on channel 4 next Monday at 8:30.

on the ad it shows a twizy!

Don’t forget this is on tonight at 8.30PM!

Thanks, Sky+ed it.

Checked the listing and the Twizy is on tonight’s one.

I think it faired quite well :slight_smile:

Positive article :cool:

I’m waiting to see what Top Gear make of it-Top Gear magazine says “we want one” in the car specs section…

Will get a lot more people interested in our Twizy’s, with" I saw that on telly last night"
I already got a few texts asking if I was watching :slight_smile:

I though Mr ross would have had more to say, he used to run an Isetta bubble car.

On Fifth Gear (new series on Discovery Channel Mondays 8pm) Jonny Smith did road tests on the Renault Fluence and Dacia Duster this week-both positive-and much better thought out than VBHs dreadful Twizy review.

I wonder what they will make of the ZOE when the time comes?