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Twizy on new Fifth Gear tonight

Anyone else see Vikki Butler-Henderson spend a week with the Twizy on tonights Fifth gear?

A little negative throughout, but it grew on her, said liked it but could not cope without windows.
Well researched then!

When was 5th gear on - can’t see it in the TV guide

It was on discovery. Again it just shows that despite all its niggles people just love it for some reason.

She was critical on some really silly things like how noisy everything else is as it makes no noise itself.

Thats like walking along the street and complaining about cars driving past!

The second was the polar network charger she intended to use not working. fair enough thats a problem but not with the twizy.

And like you said, she did get wet in the rain but they could have mentioned the windows…

It was on Discovery (Sky 520) at 8pm tonight. Fifth gear moved from 5 to Discovery this year. I tend to half watch it as the only presenter I like on it is Jonny Smith-he really knows his stuff and makes some great pieces which are properly researched and well thought out. Tiff Needell and Jason Plato irritate me as they witter on about supercars and power which is of zero interest to me.

VBH is annoying as many articles are lazy as she does not research enough and attempts at being flirty/girly which does not work-the gist of the article was that the Twizy was a scooter alternative and was not safe for children, motorways and was hopeless in the rain. She then drove around the basement car park of a block of residential flats and said that there were no sockets (why would there be?) and went to a charging point in London that did not work and said that would be a serious problem.
The RenaultSport chassis was not one of their best efforts was another comment but she did say it was easy to park while parking it in the middle of a space that I could have parked my minibus in or three Twizys side to side. Oh, and her handbag got wet, she could hear the couple in the next car arguing and the bus in front stank of diesel fumes which she could not shut out.

It was a really poor, lazy piece with little research, eg quoted 62 mile range straight off the brochure, no windows available, did not mention the 3 pin socket being much better than the 7 pin leads that need specialist charge points, did not mention free charging or parking, no congestion charge, being able to park in tight spaces with scissor doors, the pure unassisted feeling of the drive, the airbag/crash testing etc etc.
It was a total waste of tv programming in my eyes and when she ended on the fact she liked it because it was cute and she would have one if she lived in Barbados, I cringed and wished she did live in Barbados. Jonny Smith would have researched properly and made a decent piece of it.

I know that the Twizy is flawed compared to a car, but this was a lazy piece simply comparing it to a car, not as a new type of electric transport and with no mention of the Renault ZE range or forthcoming Zoe. If she had not liked it after testing it properly and focussing on the plus/minus features of it (not just reading the brochure, driving it as a car and being generally dappy) and said she would rather wait for a Zoe, fair enough.

I wish they would scrap Fifth Gear and give Jonny Wilkinson his own show-check some of his pieces:

This was what I was trying to find http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dI5ewOmHPQ (edit!)

I love johnny his segments are brilliant. If one of the 3 stooges in top gear ever quit he would be the one to take over.
There is a few reasons they didnt give the job to him. 1 is he is currently trying to build the fastest street legal ev dragster!

If you havent been following this build it is amazing to see how much power and racing tech you can squeeze into a rare, old and tiny electric car.

2nd is that he lives in the countryside, after following him on twitter i gather he is a bit country and that aint the twizys core goal.

  1. is that he was doing the isle of man tt interviews on that episode which frankly could you imagine any of the other presenters doing?

Yeh it was a rubbish review but if top gear had there way with it youd probably find them trying to race a milk float or a lambo and drive to scotland from london etc.](“http://www.flux-capacitor.co.uk/”)

That Fifth Gear test is now online if anyone missed it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nyQFwcjO4QE

Great-many thanks for that. Could not find it at the time!