Twizy on Top Gear

just read that a Renault Twizy features in the new series :slight_smile:
The three of them do a race across St Petersburg.
Clarkson in a Hovercraft, Hammond on a Bike and May driving the Twizy :slight_smile:


Well James May is the most sensible and likes little simple cars, so as long as he can get it charged quickly enough in the race, the show may do the Twizy some favours…it may even renew Renault’s interest in it?

Or it may damage the Twizy’s reputation.

Not to be a nay-sayer, but Top Gear has its own set of problems, concerning electric cars.
If Wikipedia is correct, and if history repeats itself like with the Nissan and the Tesla, you may be sure that one scene in Top Gear will show the Twizy running out of charge, even though it isn’t in reality.

All in all, I hope you are right, and this will be a good thing for the Twizy. I will, however, keep my guard up until it is broadcast.

Haha, yes, very wise in light of the nonsense they come out with :lol:

I wonder which way it will go? Lambast it or love it?

Whichever way the verdict goes it is good publicity for the Twizy. From the response of people when they see my Twizy, a lot of people still don’t know what it is, never mind seeing one before. So appearing in TG is the best “free advert” the Twizy will ever get.
I think they will love it, since the Twizy is not to be taken that seriously as a car, and TG is not that serious a car programme. It’s more an entertainment programme and entertain they will by the Twizy. They will never have so much fun, despite all the drawbacks. Hammond and May will want one for Christmas, but poor Clarkson can’t even get into the Twizy because he is too big!!

I think May will complain of the hard ride…
Just seen the Trailer for the programme and you can see May wincing when he rides over tram Lines



Here’s the full 55 minute long series 22 preview, with a glimpse of the Twizy race.

It looks like they are not that positive about the Twizy, they wince at the bumpiness, call it ridiculous and then make fun of the fact that it is weird that you sit one behind the other (James says he’s not sitting in the back ever) that doors are optional and there are no windows; however they often do stuff like this and then say overall something altogether different at the end. We’ll have to wait and see.

The Twizy used is a white Technic with Skyroof on Russian plates.

Well, nothing to negative on the show-and it won the race!

I wonder what getting it seen by the wider general public will do for interest in the Twizy now?

Will be a lot more people looking at mine tomorrow.

Kind of sad I no longer have mine now! I thought it was a fair showing for the Twizy. They didn’t slate it too much, and it did win the race!

Overall I think it was a very positive showing for the Twizy. From every angle it did look “cute” and it was nipping along very nicely. It was the best exposure the Twizy could ever hope for. At least more people will know what it is now.


Not surprised as well by the good review as the Top Gear website gave the Twizy a good 7/10 when tested for the first time.