Twizy order placed!

Decided I couldn’t wait any longer. I need a Twizy in my life, so placed my order with Renault this afternoon! It’s going to feel like a very long wait to actually get it. Dealer reckoned either August or more likely September ::sigh:: At least it gives me the chance to get an electrician round to sort out a proper charging point I guess!

There’s a few Renault ‘accessories’ I’m considering adding, which I wouldn’t mind you good people’s opinions on:
– Storage nets
– Front mud flaps
– Vehicle cover
– Windows

Are these items OK from Renault or am I better off going for aftermarket? If anyone’s seen the cover they sell, is it just a cheap Argos job with the price massively inflated or is it actually good?


Best decision.

I do not have nets, nor mud flaps, nor a cover.

I got windows but used them about twice. (They are for sale if you want them). Offical Renault ones.

I think someone got a cheap cover from halfords.

Is the twizy coming with a 3 pin plug?

The Mudflaps are a must in my opinion.
Without them fitted the car will get filthy really quickly.
I don’t know anything about cargo nets or covers…
The official Renault Windows are not the best, theree are several aftermarket ones to choose from.


I have the nets, and the one that goes on the seat is really useful, the other 2 not so, but I use the seat one quite a bit

Mudflaps essential
Cargo nets ok but expensive and will get worn out and floor will have holes if removed
Cover-useful but scratches paint if taken on/off continuously
Windows-absolutely hopeless waste of money and ruin the Twizy experience

Exactly just what I would have said :cool: I use my car all winter (2 winters) and never wanted windows.
Watch which cover you get as the original Renault one was a soft cover used for storing the car in a garage not to keep it dry. My waterproof cover is the one someone else suggested and is the Halfords 4 Bike cover. Fits quite well.

Shame they have still not sorted delivery. It was like that 2 years ago.

I found the windows just made the whole car frustrating and irritating, did not keep the wind or weather out and took away the pleasure of an open car.

I’ve got my Twizy cover for sale for £12 if you like. It was only used twice and has the storage pouch. It has an elasticised skirt that covers everything excerpt the wheels.

Let me know if you want a postage price!


Great, thanks for the replies! So, it sounds like I’m going to order the mud flaps & the storage nets from Renault, but get a Halfords cover and give the windows a miss - for now at least. Annoyingly the Twizy will get parked under trees at work, so I do need to find some way of stopping all the crud from them getting inside when it rains…
Raymond - is that the Renault cover you mean or an after-market?

Also, regarding a 13amp plug - I assumed it did - so didn’t ask any questions about that! …Should I have?

It’s the half it’s 4-Bike one as at least it is fully waterproof (which the Renault one isn’t!). If cost £22.50 in January.

Sounds good, I’ll buy it! Thank you. I’ll PM you my postal address.

Hi ! I à ma New owner and was wondering if The Halfords cover didnt scratch The painting . I found a twizcover but are much more expensive. Thanks for your help !

I wouldn’t bother with the nets, mine look a mess now & I never use them .

Hi @Smily, I only used the Halfords cover for about 3 months but it didn’t noticeably scratch the paint in that time. After that I changed to a cover from a German seller on eBay, which is more expensive, but it’s easier to use and the wind doesn’t get under it and lift it so often.

I initially covered the Twizy every day but I got bored of it, so I usually only cover it when the weather’s bad now. I noticed that an unexpected downside of covering the Twizy is the local cats actually get in it more (not less…) because it provides shelter! I thought the cover would stop them, but no…

@Lightly, this was an old thread so I went ahead with the nets, but, agreed; the cargo nets on mine aren’t ageing especially well either. I do find them useful though!

Thank you for your comment. I ll see if i really need them but will probably try to travel light not to need them !