Twizy outdoors 24/365 (new owner)


I got my Twizy on Wednesday, drove it around for a bit and since then it’s been buried in snow :slight_smile:

It got me thinking - I was planning to leave it outdoors all the time with no cover, but I’m wondering how sensible this is. Obviously they’re designed to get wet, but in the UK it’s not exactly sunny all the time. Does anyone else leave theres outdoor all the time, and if so do you cover it?

Loving the little thing though - it’s fantastic! It’s our 3rd EV (I’ve got a Tesla MS 100D and the wife has a Merc B250e) but I’m way more excited by the Twizy than the others at the moment :slight_smile:


My Twizy is outdoors all the time, although generally it’s under a partial cover (porch) These last few days the inside was covered in snow. Don’t think it does it any harm.
It’s a shame you’ve only just got the Twizy, the worst time of the year. Wait till the weather gets better. You will love it !! :yum::yum::yum:

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I’m loving it already to be honest - coat and gloves and you’re good to go (I’ve got doors but no windows).

I am looking forward to some warmer driving too, I can see this being a genuinely really useful vehicle as well as a load of fun.

Good to head about it being OK left outdoors. I did do a search on the forum before I posted this and couldn’t find a specific post, but have since found a few mentions of people leaving theirs outdoors and not having problems (although they were on posts of others having serious rust problems). Mine’s covered with a blanket at the moment just while it snowed and iced - I’ll take that off in a bit as a wet blanket is probably the worst thing to have covering the car!!

You are right. Get nicely wrapped up and it’s still OK in this weather. I have windows but I don’t use them. It’s nicer without them.
I don’t have a rust problem even though my Twizy does get wet inside. The only problem is damp gets into switches, particularly the hazard warning switch which stops working. Regularly switch it on and it prevents problems.

Hi @Aresem Rich,

Mine is also left outside all year.

Like askho says, I recommend regular applications of either WD40 or [my preference] ACF50 to your electrical switches (incl. windscreen heater stem switch) reduces chances of failure.

Application of ACF50 or similar to exposed external oxidation prone materials/linkages also provides some protection. NB. avoid spraying near brake parts as it is a lubricant.

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Thank you, handy advice. I’ve seen the hazard light switch is susceptible to water damage but hadn’t thought about the stalks.

Mine lives outside all year round. I have recently bought windows just to keep the weather and the wind out a wee bit. There’s a set of Renault twizy windows on eBay just now . I think they’re 175 quid.

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