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Twizy Owner - At Last

After a lot of drawing air through teeth, humming and hawing, I’ve finally found and bought a Twizy.

A 12 plate with a princely 67 miles on the clock, will post pics when we collect her (Or is it a he, or an it??) tomorrow…

Really dissapointed with main dealer lack of response when wanting to buy a Twizy. I found this one with a non franchised trader about 50 miles from home, lets see if the range gets us back tomorrow!

Looking forward to fun, fun, fun…

You better start looking for a chargepoint somewhere in between. 50 miles is possible but hard to do. U need low speeds like 30-35 mph for that. With a passanger on board it gets even harder.

Well done! Just hope the dealer has fully charged your Twizy and you can make it home. Must say 50 miles is border line. Depends how you drive it, of course. Have FUN!!

Where are you in the country, perhaps some one on here can help find a charge point. No fun on first trip trying to limp home, especially if you are not used to stretching the range. Also I hope it stays warm as that helps both the range and the passenger comfort.

Don’t think you will do 50 Miles on a single charge…
Best I have done was 41 with 5% left.
Good Luck!


That must be lots of hillclimbing and/or motorway driving then. I did 58,1miles with 1% left. If you drive slow you can at least drive as long as you charge :D:D

47 miles door to door, last mile or so in limp mode I think??? What fun to drive. Off to read the handbook.

Good man!! Now that the weather is better, you can really enjoy your Twizy. By the way have you got windows? If you have take them off. The Twizy is better without windows, weather allowing.

That must be lots of hillclimbing and/or motorway driving then. I did 58,1miles with 1% left.

No Hills in Holland! :smiley:
My average commute is 16 Miles.
On the First Leg I only use 10% Power, on the return leg I use 25% :slight_smile:


ikke ook niederlanderrr

Mag ik vragen welk traject jij maakt dan?

Ik doe dagelijks Sliedrecht - Alblasserdam (10km) en dat gaat 3 dagen als ik de snelweg gebruik.