Twizy Owner Finds Take-a-Way Holder Hidden inside vehicle


Nissan sent automotive journalists Indian takeaways this week to celebrate 20 years of the ‘curry hook’ in its Almera/Qashqai…

Although a great idea it is only for the wimps with Windows. :grinning:
Erm Perhaps that will be me looking at the forecast for snow around here today.:grimacing:

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I am PROUD to say I have never driven more than 10 feet with the windows in place. It looks such a Noddy car with the pop-up tent design plastic affairs that I just can’t bring myself to use them.

What is the steering wheel off in this picture? Looks better than the origional and would be an easy upgrade if is just bolt on.


I think it is a Clio Cup 3 Sports Steering wheel, as described in this post :

Not an easy upgrade…



Yes it was and believe me it wasn’t an easy fit. I personally wouldn’t recommend it but the finished job looks and feels great. Look for my full post on upgrades (somewhere) on this forum!

That’s the one Hans (Mine!) I still would not recommend it although it does feel (and look) a lot nicer than the standard cheap plastic covered wheel.