Twizy owner in waiting

Hi guys I have just ordered my Twizy but have to wait until August 20th for it :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face: obviously I have watched every you tube video going :rofl::rofl::rofl: But some advice from you guys as people living with them on what I should do before I get it and things I should be aware of would be really helpful. I know I will need a type 2 adapter and that in Nottingham you still have to pay to park everywhere :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: thanks in advance guys


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Hi Brendon.
I guess the boat from Korea is slowwwwwwww!!
Type 2 connector from evBitz would be top of the list. At least a cable with water proof socket.
I’d buy windows personally if you’re planning on using it all winter. The South Korean ones are very nice.
Finally, thick coat, gloves, hat, sunglasses and waterproof shoes!

Out of interest, does your twizy come with battery included now?


Yes I have bought the battery outright so no monthly charge. I am getting the tinted windows from @twizy_windows on Instagram and yeah saw the type 2 adapter the one with the key as I’ve seen there are issues with them getting stuck somethimes.

If you happen to have solar panels at home it’s useful to have the OVMS device which gives you control over the charging process, amongst other things :wink: enjoy your Twizy!


Welcome James. I’m interested in this idea it something you have done?

Make sure you get the delivery date in writing. I ordered mine a few years ago, had an email that said when it would be delivered (November). Then got an email in October that it wasn’t going to arrive till end of December (so really, early January). I made a big fuss and left bad google and Twitter reviews. Ended up triggering Renault’s customer care team, which pulled strings to get my twizy delivered - at the end of November!

Congrats on the Twizy. Contact your council re: parking.

When I drove my Twizy into a local council car park here in Ipswich, a car parking attendant said he didn’t think it was fair that I was paying to park as the Twizy wasn’t much bigger than a bike. I replied that I paid because the Twizy is classified as a heavy quadricycle and didn’t want to cause a fuss.

He ended up enquiring with his boss but couldn’t get hold of him but the intent is there.

I have already contacted Nottingham city council zero incentives for EV’s no free parking enquired about logistics of pay and display told me I would still have to if I wanted to park there, charged as a car in all NCP car parks and no use of bus lanes so Nottingham city council at its finest lived her all my life didn’t expect much else if I’m honest

I asked about parking in Oxford, a parking attendant told me that I could park in the motorcycle bay FOC when he saw the Twizy. I then wrote to parking HQ (to be sure) who told me I couldn’t and would have to display a ticket in a car bay like everyone else.
Shame they are not encouraging the use of small electric vehicles in Oxford, I think i’ll just drive my diesel BMW in instead (only joking).
Being serious - when then zero emissions regs come in (cant remember when) perhaps things will change, who knows.

Haha I said pretty much the same thing something along the lines of well sod that I’ll cancel the order and I’ll get a dirty old diesel fb or a fraction of the price :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Agreed, you would think with all the banging on councils do about wanting to lower emissions they’d encourage the very few Twizy owners to park up.

Personally I think there should be a real effort by the state to encourage the use of small EVs:

  • Free parking

  • Use of bus lanes

  • Tax deductible electricity usage.

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Yes I do this, you can search for OVMS* to get all the needed info. (openvehicles)

In their app* (amongst all the other things) you can change the charging parameters on the fly, so if my solar array is producing 1000kwh I can reduce the charge draw to below that level.

This gives me a warm fuzzy glow inside knowing i’m flying along on the power of photons :heart_eyes:


*open vehicle monitoring system