Twizy Owner, Malaysia


Donald here, I’m new Twizy owner from Malaysia. My 1st EV.

Hope to learn more from you guys.

Fun car to have :slight_smile:

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SPARCO F1 Steering look more aggressive

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Installed MOMO Steering with quick release


Whilst the lack of an air bag is a down side to that steering wheel, a removable wheel certainly helps prevent theft!

airbags were designed for large people who don’t wear seatbelts. :rofl:

i’ve never seen an airbag in a race car , just belt up and you will be fine. :grin:

Change to bucket seat for more comfort driving sitting position.

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Haha :slight_smile: i never go fast with Twizy so hopefully is all rite without air bag

Just wanna make Twizy looks more sporty

nice racing bucket , what wheels and tyres are you running :heart_eyes:

This is 14" wheel from Malaysia Production Car PERODUA VIVA.

Is a used set of wheel and tyre. Just done the wheel 4 x 100 adaptor to try on 14" wheel.

Monitoring the performance, handling and mileage now.

May try on 15" wheel later on to compare.

Plan to go for Semi Slick tyre once finalise the wheel size.

Achilles ATR-K Semi Slick Tyre

I like the look of the 14" rim , different enough without being too big and with the semi slick tyre should handle well both at the front and rear of the Twizy :heart_eyes:

Tyre is up but now need to look for manual alignment

loving that wheel / tyre combination :+1:

so cute :slight_smile:

Just received my PowerBox

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It’ll make a huge difference!


Awesome piece of kit.

Keep an eye on your motor and battery temperatures when its hot outside :grin:

My 1st ever high speed in Twizy :slight_smile:

Still considering TE37 or Mugen Wheel

Planing to DIY a Roof Rack for my bike