Twizy Owners Meetup

Was thinking about a Twizy meet up but was wondering how we could make this work, what with the 50 mile range…?

Would be cool to all cruise along together in the Twizy’s, could you imagine the amount of heads that would turn then!

We are well spaced. I can make it to Lighty, who is south of me. But still over 100 miles north of London. ecofunkytravel is also a longway out.

If ilI get a trailer then happy yo travel. Need to sell my twin quad bike one first.

Might be good to meet at a Renault ev show. :smiley:

How about the National Microcar Rally in Great Yarmouth in September?

I was planning on going…

Alternatively, folks are always welcome down in Bristol at BEVoB – which is once a month.

Unfortunately there is about as much chance as knitting fog, bit far for me and Osbrook :smiley:

The Great Yarmouth one is even further for Aminorjourney. I need to get a different trailer as soon as I can get rid of my current one.
Then I might go to a any of these, including seeing Eccofunkytravel and London.

Wimps… I was thinking of driving it :wink:

Could we have a map on the site, that way we can see the spread of members?

I have an unbraked version of a SmartCar trailer which should accomodate a Twizy and is legal for the weight. Haven’t tried (or needed) it yet, but if it works would you be interested in buying it?

Sorry I have decided to mod the one I have a day after returning from Hay-on-wye with a vehicle fitted with a towbar! Again an unbraked trailer.
But thanks just a few days too late! :frowning: