Twizy Owners Trying to create something special

Hi all I am new today to this fantastic forum! First thing me my name is Paul Middlicott I have been in the Automotive Sector for just over 30 Years finally this year after doing many things for the people I have worked for I finally wanted to do something for myself and in turn be a help to many others so I set about organising a Electric Vehicles Festival which will be on Sunday 28th July at the British Motor Museum in Gaydon. Unfortunately still not my day job I wish! :blush:But I am determined to try and create a special day out for all Electric Vehicles! I have especially been a fan of the Twizy for a long time but I still haven’t taken the plunge at the minute as you can imagine any spare change going towards the Festival! I have the opportunity to create an Arena at the Festival two things jumped into my mind a Tesla Model X display and a Twizy Display many people still have not seen this fantastic little #EV and I cannot recall a display in the UK but I am sure others will hopefully share maybe something I’ve missed! If I can get these elements together I have a bases to justify the Arena this will be the first year and you can imagine it’s never easy to get something like this of the ground with limited funds and as such no previous visitors! Tickets to the Festival are only £10 Adults £7 Children including full access to the museum and a special exhibit The Car The Future Me. I love a challenge and would love a Twizy turn out even if I cannot do the Arena

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Welcome Paul

I’ll bring my Twizy.

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Wonderful! I hope we can get some more so we may be able to do a Display or something. At worst case you are currently the only Twizy the Festival would be a loss without some there! I will do my best to keep everyone informed but as always follow on here! Twitter @NewTechnologyY2 And Facebook EVFEST1
Thank you again for your support! It means a lot
Kind Regards

I’d love to but it’s three charges away for me.

We’re at Gaydon with the TT Owner’s Club on 30th June this year.


Could certainly consider it. Depending on various things.


I love your wrap! Fantastic. And I love what you’re doing! Are you considering coming to the Festival. And just out of interest how many Twizy’s do you now have in your business?

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Thanks glad you like it. They are attracting a lot of attention. We opened the British Grand Prix last year for sky and RSF1, and then led the London New Year’s Day parade amongst other things. We have 15 currently but a few major things in the offing so likely to be a multiple of that in due course. We will certainly look at it but if you could send me more info etc so I can take a look it would be good. [email protected]

Regards Simon

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Hi Simon
I will email some details across in the morning!
Have a good evening
Kind Regards

Here is a video talking about the show, Twizy bit at 2mins 20secs in.

As @NewTechnologyY2 (Paul) says it would be nice if there were other Twizys there.

Anyone know if there will there be charging facilities for Twizy owners on the 29th?

Hi Gareth
Still trying to sort some forms of charging generally! But the simple answer at the minute is yes the museum does have access to some Charging.
I am the event organiser please feel free to contact if you wish
Kind Regards

Thanks Paul, I live 19 miles from the museum and wouldn’t be able to make the round trip journey on a single charge - lots of hills!

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Parked up ready for the event on Sunday.


Great day.
Thanks @NewTechnologyY2


Thanks Chris for all your help and support! Fantastic of you to make such an effort to bring your Twizy along! I hope you enjoyed your day. Take care hope you can be a part of #EV Twizy Park again next year! Should be Saturday 8th August 2020. Take care Kindest Regards Paul

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