Twizy Ownership and licencing laws UK

Hi there everyone,

I’ve been considering a twizy for a little while now as use as a city car and a commuter (I do a 25 mile round trip).

I’m a biker through and through and enjoy riding my motorcycles year round, however in terms of being a little more practical (4 wheels!) i’m considering a twizy as well.

The problem I have however is that I only have a motorcycle licence (since 2009 - Full UK licence) And am wondering if I need a full UK catagory B licence for a quadricycle? I’ve tried to contact the DVLA to no avail and looking online has only left me more confused!

Can anyone here shed some light on this for me as I’m at a loss for looking for good solid information. I’m fully willing to do my car test, but it would be a nice bonus to be able to pilot a quadricycle on a bike licence.

Thanks for your time guys, looks like a great site!

You need a full UK drivers license to drive a Twizy I’m afraid. The only get around is if you had a provisional bike license held before 2001.

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Thanks For the information Dave, and the warm welcome.

I guess I best get some lessons in then… hopefully having ridden for the best part of 12 years and knowing the roads I should be passed for the summer… assuming I’ve not picked up too many bad habits!

Take it steady mate.

No problems, best of luck with the lessons!

The Twizy is such a great little bit of kit to drive, they’re more of a go kart than anything else and the electric element really gives you a feel good factor.

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I am an old so and so (55) and I do drive my Twizy on my bike licence.
I have driven various cars over the years, various Reliant three wheelers, Microcars even Reliant 4 wheeled cars like the Kitten.
But like has been said above they changed the licence laws in 2001 and removed the B1 category from bike licences :frowning:


Lucky you! I passed in 2010 and so my license allows me to drive a car, transit and that’s about it! Surely your license allows you to fly a plane too :wink:

Really confused on the issue of License for the Twizzy, I seem to get different answers from everyone.

However my question is, I live in Spain and only have a provisional driving license, does anyone know the law for driving a twizzy here. Do I have to have a full license or a CBT.


If you have a full drivers license you will be fine to drive a Twizy. It’s classified as a heavy quadricycle in Europe so most countries require you to hold a drivers license, the exception being what was explained above. Hope this helps.


In case you’re interested I’m selling my Twizy (they’re fairly rare 2nd hand).

Ping me if you’re interested.