Twizy: Parking Rules

I’ll be honest and claim ignorance and lack of investigation, however I am continuing my search for information so thought i’d put this out to you folk.

Where can you legally park a Twizy? Can you park as a bicycle/tricycle?

From what i’ve read, the Twizy is a class l7e vehicle, however for 'technical purposes, it should be governed as per L5E and referred to as a ‘motor tricycle’.

Now i’ve managed to get out of paying in NCP car parks in the Twizy based on the above.

Next step… public parking/council/roads… or even pavements…

Is anyone knowledgeable with regards to laws which dictate where you can park a Twizy or not?..

Discuss :slight_smile:

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Wow you’ve parked in car parks as a bike and got away with it? Well, that’s my decision to purchase a Twizy solidified then!

EDIT: Found this:

EDIT 2: From what I’ve read from Gov legislation, the Twizy is classified as a ‘L7E Heavy Quadricycle’ not a L5E.

EDIT 3: OK, I think it’s best to read your local councils definitions of spaces and who can park in them. My local council lists motor cycle spaces and motor vehicle spaces separately. With no mention of quadricycles, it only mentions the Road Traffic Act 1984. Reading this, there are only definitions of motor vehicles and motor cycles (less than 4 wheels.)

However, it would be interesting to have a chat with my local councils legal team about what can and can’t be done.

EDIT 4: From the state of Guernsey: bikes are not considered to be motorcycles and are not entitled to use
motorcycle parking bays. Vehicles must be parked in car disc parking spaces and
must comply with the disc parking regulations. If there is no secure place to display a
parking clock on the vehicle, arrangements should be made to provide such a place
(such as a waterproof bracket) before parking in a disc zone.”

Its usually up to the local council as each have different terms. Some do mention up to 3 wheels.

However what about the other way park 2 or 3 Twizys in one bay with one Ticket. After all large vehicles (motor homes) or those with a trailer have to pay for the number of bays they use. If a Twizy is sharing a spot then the same runs should apply unless someone has thought of this and ot states on one vehicle per bay. :smiling_imp:

Osbrook what are your experiences parking the Twizy?

I don’t live is a large town so easy to park. When I take it on holiday never really had problems parking it. People are lazy in UK holiday towns and so there is always a gap to put the Twizy in.

One Exception was Lowestoft where I did park at 90 degrees to the curb. I’m not the best person to ask as we enjoy walking into towns, usually along waterways so park well out of town. May be this stems back to when we only had the Motorhome and there is never anywhere to park that.

That’s fair enough, you’re brave driving it such long distances! I’ll be using mine strictly for commute to work, shops etc.

I don’t think you read all the posts. :slight_smile: I have a trailer and take it all over. I met an ex Twizy forum member while I was on Holiday in Sheringham last week. So only use it for local trips from a set base. Cheaper than fuel for the Motor Home and easier to park. In fact as I charge it on the site it is free fuel while on Holiday. Saving around £90 in Diesel!

That’s a fantastic idea! I have heard of people doing something similar in regards to using smart cars and towing them, I guess the Twizy is just as good if not better.