Twizy Parrot Upgrade


Did anybody try to upgrade that lousy system?
I did change original Parrot speakers with Pioneer TS-G1032I (2x30W RMS, 200W DIN) It’s qiute cheap 30€ upgrade. There is noticable good change in first two thirds of volume range.
Now I’m looking for additional amplifier upgrade, due to lack of Parrot output power in the last third of it’s range.
So I need something with power input and input of two speakers. If I remember well I can use those two Parrot speakers outputs and combine both minus wires in one wire, and two pluses in to 3,5mm headphone jack. Then I need also 12V input, which should be the same as on parrot I guess.
I was looking for something like this: link
Does anyone has any better suggestion?

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I found and already ordered better amplifier option from Amazon.
I also found manuals for Parrot and amplifier, so instalation, as I checked, won’t be a problem.
I will report about progress of the installation and operation of the upgraded system.

Down there is shown the difference between original Parrot speakers and those Pioneers.

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I must do this to mine.

Please to divulge as much information as you can :slight_smile:

Do you have an update?


Sorry, I forgot about this thread. Of course I have instaled both, speakers and amplifier and it works quite better than original, but still not good enough for my expectations. Obviously 4 inch speakers can’t do much, no matter how good they are. Or maybe my amplifier is still not strong enough.

Nice work! I been looking to add some sound on my Twizy.

Fair enough, is just changing the speakers worth it for £30?

I think it is, those originals are made from paper