Twizy parts for sale - all new

I have decided to not get a twizy. After weeks of being in a nightmare with renault lying to me, generally fobbing me off wherever possible I have became disillusioned with the brand and want nothing to do with renault. As the twizy is fairly specialised there would be a time I would ‘need’ renault and I am not prepared to deal with them again.
In preparation for my new twizy I bought a few parts:

Edited to include links and remove sold items.

Private plate TW19 YYY


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Man, that sucks! Sorry about the nightmare with Renault. Try and post the link to the eBay listing. I was trying to search for the powerbox and couldn’t find it.

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sorry to read that - have you considered a second hand one instead?

Please don’t give up. I too would never have considered buying Renault as a brand, having previously only purchased Mercedes/Audi/VW but I absolutely love my Twizy and don’t regret buying it at all. I wanted one from the first moment that I saw a picture of one, it is just great fun to drive. The reaction from people I meet when driving it is extraordinary, everytime that I go out in it people approach me and want to talk about it. 99% of people react positively to it in a way that I have never experienced with any other vehicle that I have owned. I once had a 50% share in a classic V12 Ferrari and whilst 50% of people were madly enthusiastic about it, the other 50% clearly hated you for driving it.
PLEASE consider buying this

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I do still have a soft spot for them. Its just renault who I don’t fancy dealing with.
As all spares are through renault I would have to deal with them at some point and I firmly believe they have no interest in twizy’s in the UK.

Whilst that twizy looks grand I wouldn’t pay 1k extra over the new price for one…

I am still pondering. I have suspended the ebay listings for now. Still considering Repomans one he has for sale, just need to see if I can manage dealing with the liars that are renault.

With respect, I don’t believe that this Twizy is quite 1K over list price but it does appear to be over the current new price, and to my mind overpriced. Even the Dynamique model listed at £7490, or £7795
(I should explain, on Renaults website it is £7490 and Renault’s own advert on Autotrader it is £7795, even they can’t decide!!) does not come with doors as standard, they are £545, plus that Twizy has the Parrot device fitted, which I think is over £300 and possibly other extras, so by the time you add that all up, I think they are asking the full price that it cost new, including (possibly and quite wrongly) even the delivery and number plates. There must be room for some movement on the price as, even though it has only done a few miles, it is over a year old, and therefore has shorter warranty than a “new” Twizy. If you look on Autotrader and Ebay, there are only, as of today, 4 different used Twizys for sale. Currently 2 are advertised in both places and strangely, Renault is advertising new Twizys in the used vehicle section of Autotrader! The prices are high, especially in the case of two which are ones without doors. The result of all this, is good news for people who already own Twizys as clearly, prices are hardening. The dealer that I bought my Twizy Colour from in March this year, later that month, offered another 2013 Twizy, an Urban with twice the mileage of mine, without the extras that mine has, namely alloys, Parrot and reversing bleepers and sold it immediately for £500 more than I paid! The people that paid only £2500 (including the guy that bought mine direct from the finance company) in 2016 made a very smart investment. My view is that prices may move up still further, if it was not for the dreaded battery rental, I would buy another just as an investment. The 5 other almost new Twizys offered by Renault dealers, advertised in the last 3 months have sold quickly, in 2 cases within days of being advertised on Autotrader. The future looks bright as there are some highly, skilled, intelligent and resourceful Twizy owners around the world (think Powerbox) who I am sure can get their heads together to overcome any future spares requirements, whatever Renault do or don’t do.

Windows sold.
Still available:
TW19YYY plate
Powerbox with new motor controller for post 2016 twizys
Ev bitz type 2 charge adaptor

All open for offers.

Windows and charge adaptor sold

Still available :
TW19YYY plate
Powerbox with new motor controller for post 2016 twizys ebay 333305715991

How much do you want for the power box controller?

For someone on here i’d take £500 posted however that is rock bottom as I paid over 800 euros and it’s brand new never been used.

Thanks I will give it some thought .

Powerbox and controller sold to a nice chap on here.

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