Twizy parts

I have put my Twizy in for service over a week ago ,and the dealer has come back with they have put acomplaint in to Renault about the lack of parts availability its the discs replacements at 600gbp per item ,has anyone experience the same problem?? its required for my MOT test
any help would be appreciated thankyou james

The factory is currently On route from Barcelona to Korea. There are always delays on parts but no doubt worse with the factory move.

Yes rear brakes are expensive as oddly the whole assembly needed…

Thankyou Simon for the info much appreciated and I understand now ,just another question can the regen % be increase by renault garages or is it something more specialized?
thanks james

Powerbox has that feature. I’m sure Renault could do it but there is literally no chance they would.

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This is not me trying to be clever, but the original Twizy factory was not in Barcelona but at the Renault plant in Valladolid where the Captur is built. I went there 2 years ago and took photos of the outside, and there was a sign on the outside which was the profile of a Twizy. Not doubt, knowing the wonderful French way of not doing things, it is still there!

This is still on the Groupe Renault website

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