Twizy Posh Windows

so i have 2 sets of twizy windows.

set 1, the nice renault south Korean ones, bough only a few weeks ago cost just under £400. only problem i forgot to take the little vecros sticky things of the car. but im sure some stick on velcros is cheap enough. postage will be a pain, but £250 with postage.

set 2, a pair of uk plastic zip windows, condition looks ok. sadly i never got a fitting kit with them £100 including postage.

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part of the UK still though i would have to use parcel force as there one of the only ones, but wouldnt think it would be much more.

Sorry Billy
My wife has just ordered me a set yesterday delivery in 15 days
That’s my luck searched for ages and two come along at once lol

no worry sure someone will snap them up.

Hi @billym444,

Do the “posh ones” fit the mark 1 Twizy door shape? I can’t tell if yours is a mark 1 or 2.



Very funny. There is currently only the one body shape for the Twizy. However as they are hand made the sizes of the windows ‘hole’ does vary.

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hi pete as far as i new one size fits all, mine was a 2013, but as osbrook only one body shape. the windows dont sit inside the hole anyway.

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Okay thanks @billym444 . I’ll buy them off you. How do you want to do it?

I’m interrested too. Let’s start PM conversation with details

so i now have a fitting kit for the standard ones but will have to ask 120 plus postage.

posh windows are know sold.

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Could You check the postage price? the postcode 42-504 Poland. If the postage will be reliable I think that i will get it

the problem is size, but i put a quite in and the cheapest i could find was UPS and it was neally £50 postage

the high cost is because 1 lenth is just over 100cm

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