Twizy power box video

Hi I’ve posted a YouTube for the power box.

Awesome video, thanks for sharing.

Now can we have a video of the tuned Twizy in action?! :wink:

@ Subevo
Great vid thank you
Yes!! Performance video. I agree with the above.

I have the same problem in trying to remove the cord as well but unable to

Hi I had to really pull hard and basically ripped the tab off by force.its because the tuning box connector has a small cut out which when connecting onto twizy connection forms a non return unless you somehow push the tab in which I tried but couldn’t. usually the tab is spring loaded but in this case it’s not.
I just pulled with a fair bit of force and ripped the tab it’s breeze to connect and disconnect.dont get me wrong I got a fright when it popped.

Thanks for this. I am going to set mine in medium mode to see how I get on. Would you recommend any changes to the regen settings? I’m also going to snap off the connector locking tab before I first insert. I’m not going to keep the power box in the Twizy anyway.

Great tip ripping off first - I should have done that, you only really need it in the car if using the max power setting to manage the temps.

I have mine on medium which is fine for what I need, if going for a local blast with a mate though I do turn it up to max.

@kennethnilsen69 has some recommendations for regen, I went with his for foot braking and turned the coasting up to 215, think 171 was the standard, but wanted a bit more for when I am coasting on the motorway

Can anybody post a video with the dials in view so we can see the accelaration plz?

On closer inspection of mine, looks like Kenneth has now removed the locking tab before shipping. Love it when a manufacturer responds and quickly introduces necessary modifications to their products. If only the other hundreds of my suppliers were as fast to implement.

He has also upgraded the software, 4/5 times since I have had the box, with excellent, prompt communications, top block in my book

I put my regen neutral braking to 400 which I like but perhaps a bit severe for icey roads .its the last few metres that is most aggressive.

I put my foot braking to 500 but didn’t notice it really doing anything.

Also I’ve set mine to max power and removed the I only occasionally put the foot down I’m not worried about melting it’s too expensive to get nicked.

I think it would be great if Kenneth would make a display with amps that plugs into obd port to show how much amps you are using and what the regen is putting back in.

That’s a very good idea actually. Maybe a simple stick on type that just monitored both. Are you listening Kenneth?!!

Kenneth suggested these settings for this end of the year but he does of course live in a colder wetter icier environment than us (if that’s at all possible). This is a clip on what he sets his up to:

"The default is 181 for neutral og 250 for Footbraking.
there is no return to the default value options but if you tuner it again then it returns to the default value.

In winter, so I recommend as little regen as possible Due to danger that you can lose traction. I have my on 50 (neutral) and 100 (foot-breaking). but you just have to try out what you think is good for you. Remember that you can do this while driving :-)"