Twizy Powerbox and bag for sale

Hi, All;

OK - looks like I’ve sorted selling the Twizy as PEX for £3,000… So that leaves me with two things… The official “Twizy Bag” and a Kenneth’s Powerbox (with case / instructions, etc. as new) which I bought in May… Any takers?!

I reckon £200 for the Powerbox would be a steal - it totally transforms your ride - add maybe a fiver for postage. The Twizy Bag I’ll sell for £80 but I’m not going to remove the “clips” which are fitted to the Twizy - I actually don’t clip it in when I use it anyway, and you’ll find that the rear seatbelt functions perfectly well! (The official clips are rather awkward to use - you need to be a contortionist to get your hands into the right place to clip in / out…) - I’ll need to figure a shipping cost if anyone is interested in the bag.

First come, first served!..

  • Richard.

A steal at that price

Hi Richard,

If you are willing to send it to the Netherlands, you can consider it sold. We can work out the details through PM.



Sorry, Hans - I have already entered into negotiations with another forum user - I’ve not sent it yet but am pretty sure it’s going to happen so please consider the powerbox “Sold”. Keep looking though, I’m sure another will come along soon and it makes a fun vehicle even funner!

  • Richard.

Too bad! No need to negotiate with me, will pay the asking price:-)
Please let me know if the negotiations are not succesfull.


hi did you sell the power box? im in the uk thanks

Sorry, it’s gone. Really didn’t last long. Keep your eyes peeled though. They Do Come up now and then and are WELL with the investment IMO😀

Thank you,please let me know if you see on kindest regards By the way, does this need to be in the car to work, or can you tune and leave thanks

It has three power level settings - you can set the one you want and remove it but are STRONGLY advised to leave it plugged-in (it fits inside the left storage pod) if you use the fastest (funnest) setting as it actively monitors the battery temp. Higher torque results in faster draw and thus higher temp. It will actively kick you down to a lower setting when required (to protect the battery) unless you remove it…

  • Richard.
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