Twizy Powerbox V1 Now Sold

Twizy PowerBox V1 for sale.
Every Twizy should have one!
Also comes with an extension cable so you can put the Powerbox in the right hand locked glovebox.

£230 Including UK postage


I keep seeing folk talk about these. I might be being a bit thick, but what is the actual advantage of having one? We’ve only had a twizy for about 6 months, we drive it, and plug it in to charge - are we being neglectful?!

A stock Twizy has a top speed of 50 (ish) MPH. The Powerbox tells the car’s motor controller to work harder, removing that 50MPH speed limit (you might get 70 MPH dowhill with a good breeze behind you) and giving increased torque and oomph off the starting line. Also shows battery health, motor temperature and other useful data. Apparently makes driving a Twizy more fun, but technically such a device needs to be declared to your insurance provider.

Andy Kirby has done a few videos on the Powerbox.

Incidentally, I’ve just got hold of a Powerbox V1 myself - the idea is to be able to check battery health of a Twizy before buying one and to enjoy some oomph if and when I finally get my hands on a car. Did email @kennethnilsen69 asking if he could send me the latest software for it as I have read there are improvements made over time to these. Not heard back from him yet. Guessing he’s on holiday right now.

The difference between standard and Powerbox is amazing.
Once you have driven a Twizy with a Powerbox fitted you wont go back to standard!


Where can I contact you in PV for the Powerbox?

I have sent you a message with contact details



Powerbox now Sold…

Dear God I wouldn’t want to do 70mph in my twizy, I’m too fond of living!

i’ve seen 80 mph in mine , very awesome. :rofl: on a private road.
The point of the powerbox is to make the Twizy faster so its safer in traffic , limited to 52mph with the standard software is dangerous , now with the powerbox the Twizy can keep up with traffic in and out of town.

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80MPH?! Must have been on the mainland. Do that on the Isle of Wight and you’ll soon reach the edge and fall off!

Talking of Powerboxes, has anyone heard from Kenneth recently? He hasn’t come back to my email about firmware. Not that it matters too much right now - can’t exactly say that test driving and buying a Twizy as a 2nd vehicle is an essential purchase during a national lockdown!

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I like the improved acceleration and instant getaway (useful on roundabouts) that the Powerbox gives me, but I only drive it on A and B roads so don’t use (or have the guts) to use the top speed.
Having said that, if I were forced to go on the dual carriageway (because of an accident on A road etc) it would be nice to be able to shift a little faster.

Re Kenneth, I dropped him an email some time ago and didn’t get a reply. If you read this Kenneth it wasn’t urgent, but I do hope you are OK.

Try the messaging on the Powerbox page in Facebook (Shudder).

Why not :rofl:

During lockdown I’m chasing down a Kei Truck to do a EV conversion :yum:

Given how the virus is spreading right now and that I live with someone who is probably more vulnerable to it, going tyre kicking can probably wait :slight_smile:

The chances of going over 50mph in the London borough of Lambeth is slim! It’s mostly 20mph limits anyway, but at least twizy is congestion and ULEZ exempt, for now. I will look into a Power Box though, where do you buy them new?

Speak to Kenneth Nilsen who makes them. If you’re not on the evil book of face, you can email him [email protected]. If you do get an answer from him, please let us know as we’ve not heard from him in a while.

I’m doing it all virtually at the moment , no need to leave the house :grinning: