Twizy production moved to Korea

Just came back from my local Renault dealer. They have a Cargo in stock. I am really tempted to sell my beloved Technic to buy the Cargo because it will suit my life style a lot better. I can shop and leave the shopping secure rather than having to go straight home because of all the exposed shopping.
While there the sales person was telling me all Twizy production is moving to S Korea in the very near future. Anyone heard anything about that.

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Just Googled it and it’s true. It’s going to be even more difficult to get hold of a Twizy in the future for us.

Wouldn’t surprise me as I guess they are thinking the growth in the Twizy market will be Asia?

I can confirm the production of the Twizy will move from Spain to South Korea from March 2019 at the Renault Samsung Nissan factory site in Busan. According to the French article they cannot fulfil the higher level of demand in Asia (about 60%) compare to Europe.

Renault is expecting to produce up to 5000 units per year with higher specs than the current model available but no details.

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Hi Askho, I swapped from a Technic to a Cargo for the same reasons. I had no need to carry passengers and my shopping was more secure. No regrets, for me it works better as a solo vehicle.

I have never carried a passenger in the back seat of my Twizy, so the Cargo is far more suitable for my use.
Two things are stopping me from making the jump.

  1. I have been lucky with my Twizy. It’s one of the better ones, trouble free, (touch wood). And I am sure it’s because of regular use, virtually used daily.
  2. More importantly, my Twizy is battery rental free. Don’t want to have to start paying again.