Twizy questions

Can anyone explain me the difference between OVMS and the power box?

I’ll try.

Both make use of a loophole in the software of the Twizy to reprogram essential parameters which determine the driving behaviour of the Twizy.

The OVMS is an open source module, kept up to date by a bunch of highly dedicated Twizy drivers. The result is very good. The module is relatively cheap and has add ons like remote programming and GPS tracking. An aspect of the OVMS is that it demands a steep learning curve of the owner to get it to work. And it has an overwhelming lot of ways to make the software do what you want it to do. The OVMS needs a telephone card and a smartphone to communicate with it.

The Powerbox is a ‘closed source module’, made by a bright man from Norway. All the difficult stuff is simplified to the use of three buttons. Three levels of ‘overclocking’ to choose from and off you go. Some say the Powerbox gets more torque out of the Twizy. The Powerbox has a display to show you all the information you need. And the module is more expensive.

To make a parallel: OVMS is like a flexible, demanding Android, Powerbox is like a reliable, simple iPhone.


Thanks you!!

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Great explanation as I had no idea, sure @kennethnilsen69 will offer any changes, but for me, I had no idea how to be ‘technical’ with the Twizy, so the powerbox was a simple way of getting me what I need. Worth the investment in my opinion

Power box question:
Hi im wonder of buying a power box but i had a question i do 60km everyday to going to work and my twizy is the 45, does anyone know if i buy the power box at what speed i will be able to go so my battery last the 60km
Thanks you

It is one of those questions where the answer is ‘it depends’.

Lots of factors to take into account, like weather, temperature, type of road (Motorway, back road), how you drive it etc

As a rule of thumb, its 30 miles range driving at 50mph, and 50 miles of range driving at 30mph.

I have a 32 mile round trip, mix of back roads, A roads and motorway. In the Winter I arrive home with 0-1 mile range, in Summer can be up to 10 miles.

Although this is the standard Twizy and not the 45, I don’t know the percentage difference on that

And you know how many miles i will be able to do by going at 40mph?
The road and the weather is usually good