Twizy randomly clicking when charge complete and Electrotechnical SERV light occasionally on during long warm drive

I’ve had a couple of strange things happen with the Twizy today.

Firstly, it had completed charging but was still plugged in and there was relay sound randomly clicking. It stopped when I unplugged the mains - video below.

Secondly, during the longest drive I’ve done so far (~30 miles in ~20oC heat) the SERV light came on a couple of times accompanied by the Electrotechnical symbol. There didn’t seem to be any symptoms.

All seems ok at present with the Twizy currently on charge as normal.

Any advice much appreciated.

sounds like when you are trying to start a normal car with a loose lead. i have a powerbox and some times when i over stress the battery that light comes on, could be down to being a hot day and the batteries getting a bit warm.

Thank you for your reply.

I do have a Powerbox and it had dropped back to Eco mode by the end of the trip, so hopefully nothing to worry about.

Regarding the end of charge clicking. I did wonder whether this was a voltage issue as my solar panels were in full swing but it’s done the same just now with no solar.

I tried turning the Powerbox off, just in case, but the clicking continued.

There is an issue (at least with the original chargers) that they would not charge the Twizy if the voltage was 247v upwards. if you where close to that and the Twizy load dropped off as the charge completed then the voltage may rise by a volt or 2. Above 248V the Twizy will discharge!!!.

It is worth checking the supply voltage.

Is your Twizy on a dedicated circuit or on an extension lead?

My Twizy is a 2015 model so I hopeed to be free of the early charger issues?

My charging socket is on a ring main in the garage (no extension).

It’s a nice sunny day today with my solar panels generating ~2kW. I’ve just measured the supply voltage and it’s just above 250V!

I’ll remeasure later on when it’s dark.

As promised, this is our supply voltage now, in the dark.

It’s still on the high side but apparently within tolerance.

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So still an issue when on high voltage.

Which should be a Renault issue as it is still in side the limits laid down by the EU!
230v + or - 10%

But as there are very few UK Twizys and even less with issues then as usual they don’t care!

Both readings should be in tolerance, but as you have found not true. At least you know the work round.

It’s worse today.

The Twizy’s taken more than an hour to charge from 28% to 34%.

If I turn off our solar panels the supply voltage peaks at ~250v and the Twizy charges.

Interestingly, if I charge via an extension cable, the voltage drop across the extension is ~4v.

To get the whole thing going I had to turn off our solar panels, to get the Twizy to charge and establish the voltage drop, before turning them back on again!

I’m now considering installing a transformer to reduce the voltage slightly!

Further to my previous post I replaced the charger due to additional problems charging the 12v battery.

Today has been the first chance since I’ve had to charge when our solar panels are in full swing.

My Twizy has taken 2 hours to fully charge from 44%, which is normal, during which the mains voltage varied between 246.2v and 254.5v.

This confirms the latest revision of charger has addressed the over voltage charging issue my original charger had.

There was also no randomly clicking relay on completion of charge.


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