Twizy rear light cluster replacement lens

Hello all, hope you can help me. I idiotically reversed my Twizy into a wheelie bin the other day, and broke my rear light cluster lens.

I’ve searched high and low and I can’t find the part number or a supplier on the internet anywhere - can anyone help me?

Many thanks in advance!



If you put your VIN number into this website it’ll give you most part numbers.

I put mine in and it came up with this part number for the rear light:


Alternatively give Renault a call with your registration number and they’ll give you a price.


That’s brilliant, thank you so much Peter!

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This appeared today on a Twizy Facebook page.

Thanks Peter, I’ll check it out!

I would LOVE to know how you did that… have any photos?

You can probably use your imagination. But, I’ve done a Crimewatch-style dramatic reconstruction here all the same…

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You should change your forum name to BigBadBin. :grinning:

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