Twizy Rear Seat Luggage Bag

Having just paid £110 to obtain a Genunine Renault luggage bag for the Twizy, I was shocked to see this on eBay
Our local Renault dealer said the bag was no longer obtainable in the UK, hence the reason why I purcased it from France. At £69.99 postage free, this is a real saving on the original price, so I hope this information is useful to someone on here.

The fitting instructions are really not the ones to follow. It talks about taking the seat out! You can feed the straps though without that hassle and save hours of time.

Thanks for the advice, much appreciated.

Thanks…just bought one from ebay thanks to your link. Oddly enough I have been searching ebay just using Twizy to find stuff and these did not come up.

Pleased to hear that the info was useful.
Just received my bag from France.