Twizy refusing to charge?

So, I’ve used my Twizy since the beginning of the year faultlessly and my eldest son uses it for two weeks and it now won’t charge. :frowning:

Any ideas guys? The fan comes on but the charge indicator doesn’t move. It’s now sitting on just 3%.

What should I look for first?

Sounds like a nightmare. See if charging the 12v battery helps any, if you have the means see if that 12v battery holds a good charge. Those do funnily die from the one day to the next

Well would you believe it, Renault Aldershot (who are the closest EV dealer to here) are dropping off a loan car and collecting the Twizy for repair???

Or am I dreaming???

Is it still under warranty? hope so :grin:

Runs out 20th July. They can hopefully change my clunking gearbox too. (after a whole 2900 miles)

The gear boxs are noisy. Pick up and drop out at low speeds do make a clunk sometimes. They had mine apart, found no fault but ruined the range and cannot find out why 2k miles latter.

Hmmm, I think that it is quite acceptable the way it is, that’s why I haven’t pursued it previously. It is only at very low speeds, i.e, taking off or slowing down again at very slow speed. Maybe I’ll pass on that. I am guessing it’s just a charger fault.

Well nt new gearbox is performing faultlessly its quiet and the other day after charging its range was 62 miles!! Previously it shrieked like a banshee and clunked and knocked all the time the regen has sorted itself as well so I am well pleased with it bur as my plans have changed it may have to go soon

Mine is nothing like that. It wurrs yes but much quieter now I have the correct (Kenneth Spec) oil in it. Just a minor clunk on take up.

incredible! Thanks for the tip, no doubt will need to make use of it one day

So far so good - Twizy collected on the back of a low loader, Seat (VW/Skoda? whatever know-idea why this brand is still going) dropped off as a loan car.

There MUST be a catch in it somewhere?

No question!!!

Since your warranty expires in a month they will take out all your good components with older ones… So in August hell with break loose!

Probably Alex. Who knows. Maybe they monitor these posts and will install a 50cc 2-Stroke engine in the back. Could be fun though.

My gearbox clunks bad when putting the power on and off, I believe it’s just backlash in the Comex Gearbox.
The garage who did the MOT mentioned it when I collected it the other day.
I have previous knowledge of Comex gearboxes because Microcars and Aixam Quadricycles use a similar gearbox (they have a selectable Forward and Reverse Gear)
I have actually stripped a Comex gearbox down and they are very basic engineering.
My Twizy has now done 15,500 miles and it still works even though it’s noisy!
I changed the oil last year 2500 miles ago and I will be changing it again in a month or so, but this time I will replace it with a Fully Synthetic.


Update. Twizy still at Renault dealer. Faulty charger that requires replacement, should be back with me this coming week. Should I have the gearbox changed too?

If they think it wants changing have it changed! Mine started of a s a whine but developed a clunk and was a very loud whine at the end!!

That’s not really a question!
When a vehicle is under warranty and something is slightly off… You pressure the shit out of them until you get it changed. It’s only getting worse and we have heard enough of people mentioning an issue sometime down the line.

Latest update. Charger still not in stock. Grrrr… When they get it charged I have asked them to change the gearbox.

Hope it gets sorted for you, have I missed a thread on them changing gearboxes as well?

Is there a sign I should be looking out for to indicate a potential fault at all?