Twizy Renault windows scratching the car!

So now the rain has come to the U.K. I put the windows on my new (to me) twizy and they have scratched the top quite badly. Should be able to polish it out but I’m not happy. Is there anything I can put on the body work to prevent this? Otherwise I will just have to keep them off. I know the Korean ones are better but cannot afford them right now.
Thanks in advance.

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Without seeing where the windows are rubbing, its hard to know exactly what to suggest. Got a picture? What sort of windows are they?

One Twizy owner in Germany had a similar issue and modified their window & catch:

Maybe adding some edging strip to the window edge, depending what type of windows they are?

Or maybe something to stick along the door edges where the window rubs?

Mine came with windows and had scratches where the screw sits to hold it to the door, but nowhere else