Twizy roof rack

For those that are looking for more space in their Twizy, I’ve got a roof rack made from stainless steel and able to hold up to 30kg. No need to drill any holes on the frame or cut any plastic. It uses a clamp style mount which makes it easy to remove. What do you guys think? If you have any questions please feel free to DM me.




Where can I buy one?

Click on his name ’ Biglu33’ and send him a message :+1: .

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Hi, sorry but the roof racks are all sold out already. No plans on making anymore for now.

There is a free (ish) alternative roof rack here


Hi Luis,

If you don’t have plans on making the roof racks again, would it be possible to send the drawings, to have them produced in a local workshop ?

working on a deal soon with a company to have them made.

These look really good. I think I would like one.

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As long as you know that a roof rack on a Twizy can make your insurance ‘null and void’ as the the roof area on the Twizy is a 'No Load ’ area.

Is that not the actual roof, I.e. putting something on the roof skin?

Twizy not designed for roof loading or towing…Mentions it in the manual, section 6.4 Weights…

Thanks for posting that, I have not seen the manual before, it is pretty clear “prohibited”

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