Twizy roofs


Looking for help… I have 13 Twizy’s for my new business and 4 months ago ordered replacement Perspex roofs from Renault… I have still not got them and going nowhere fast…

All ideas very gratefully received but I need these fast now as launching shortly…

Not directly related to your question Simon, but is this to add a perspex roof to a car that didnt have it as standard? This is something I was wondering if was possible, the cost and how easy to retro fit.


There are some good instructional pictures on this site that @K22MDL provided when his roof was changed.

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I certainly did and please that whilst it wasn’t the easiest mod to do it was very much worth it.

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I can also give you a price for changing all the roofs at a lower cost than Renault would charge you too…

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Got a link to the site in question?

Search does work :wink:


Ha ha cheers. I did actually search but never found anything, which is why I asked the questions to Simon.
Much appreciation for the share though.

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Have done one already.

Roof was about 180£ and I had a guy moonlightbfrom a glass replacement company do it in 45 mins and said very straightforwArd… no doubt it is if you change windscreens for a living…!

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Thanks for the offer, think I have the replacement covered it is getting the roofs that is the issue…!!!

Renault fail on many fronts relating to the twizy sadly…!

Don’t bother with RUK, you can buy them from germany much cheaper and get delivery within a few days although not sure about 14!!

Sure is!!! We’d never done one before…

Have you called Renault customer Services. They helped me and got in touch with the dealer to make sure they had ordered correctly and my roof turned up 3 days later.

That is thinking laterally… only issue is if they do not have them in stock and need them for the factory but will also try Denmark…

Good idea… thank you…!

Oh yes but loosing the will.

Am going to look internationally now as going nowhere via uk…

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