Twizy Safety

Hello Twizy Owners out there,

I’m a newbie member, not currently a Twizy owner, but have been following the site for a few months now. I’d really like to be a Twizy owner too as soon as I’ve sold my current car. However their seem to be quite a few sceptics out there about the design.

I’ve riden motorbikes in the past and personally wouldn’t ride a motorbike with a child on the back, but was quite happy to buy a Twizy until the thought of being hit by a vehicle from the rear whilst carrying a passenger. I’ve only seen head on crash tests on Youtube, and their doesn’t seem to be any rear protection at all to the Twizy.

So, I’d like to hear how other owners feel about the safety of travelling with a child in the back?

I think whoever is in the back is at risk. Significant impact could result in serious crush injuries as the passenger is crushed against the back of the drivers seat. I think it might be marginally safer than getting hit up the back on a scooter. On a scooter however you would be thrown off the vehicle and potentially into the wheels of other traffic whereas in a Twizy you would be crushed. Neither particularly pleasant and best avoided. I do think however, it is safer than riding a bicycle.

My Twizy was bought partly to cover the school run-a 4 mile round trip down muddy rural lanes which are narrow and lethally slippery. We take a 4 year old to school and a 2 year old to nursery the opposite direction on town roads. We use a Graco Junior Maxi seat and the Twizy’s rear belt.
We almost bought a Winther Kangaroo or Bakfiets Cargo and the Twizy is a much better solution, see:

My view is that it is certainly not a safe as a car, and the following should be considered:
1/ crush injuries from a rear impact, but the frame is stronger than some may think and the Twizy is light enough to be “bounced” rather than taking 100% of the impact
Also bear in mind that many children travel in the rearmost seats in Zafiras etc, inches away from the rear window…
2/ facial injuries for the rear passenger hitting the hard back of the front seat in a frontal impact-there should be a soft covering on the rear seat back
3/ very little side impact protection at bumper level
4/ the open sides leave you vulnerable to flying debris if an accident happens near to you

However, the Twizy is light, narrow and manoueverable and there is little weight/momentum to absorb in an impact-and it is safer down our narrow lane than walking, bike, scooter, motorbike etc. Importantly, as it is so usefully narrow, I can pass other vehicles in the narrow lane without them having to stop-unlike in a car, where I have had various close shaves from other people going too fast and not being able to stop.

As such and at the low speeds and conditions that my children are carried, I feel it is acceptable.

I understand the concern. I travel with my 2 and 4 year old daughters in the back. I use a maxicosi car seat. My vid in my signature has video of one of them sat in the doorless one I had for the weekend.

it manly school runs and dance class pick ups.