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Twizy sales bucking the trend and looking good?

[FONT=Helvetica]Through September, Renault registered 7,895 Twizy sales, the bulk of them in Germany, Italy, and France, enough to make it the [/FONT]highest selling electric vehicle in Europe[FONT=Helvetica].[/FONT][FONT=Helvetica]

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/renault-twizy-sales-are-strong-2012-11#ixzz2BYIIOhNw

I think the above means total European sales up to September ( not just September but still encouraging that the Twizy might just survive?![/FONT]

Update from twizytwizy.com - 13000 left the factory!!!

[FONT=Helvetica Neue]Le succès de Twizy est à l’honneur, Renault annonce déjà 13000 Twizy qui sont sortie de l’usine de Valladoid en Espagne. Personne n’avait imaginé un tel succès … Comme quoi Renault a toujours un cran d’avance dans les véhicules du futur . « Ça ne marchera jamais … »[/FONT]

if they built it with locking doors with windows they would sell many more

If built by someone other than Renault with a better brand, dealers and decent marketing even more would have been sold.

Imagine what other brands would have done with the launch. Here’s Renault’s ZE brainstorming conclusions:

We need to sell some of these, so need to convert people to electric cars. I know, lets take the doorless Twizy demos on the roadshow in cold, wet months.
Ad campaign? No.
Brochures? Let’s concentrate on relating to the thriving scooter culture here in Britain with some out-there photos and references to “respect”.
Dealer enthusiasm and knowledge? It’ll work out…

ZOE launch;
Hmmm, let’s make it appeal to the wider public by making it appear straightforward to swap from petrol/diesel into a cool supermini which can do what those cars do. I know, let’s fill the website up with confusing menus and spelling errors with a few untranslated French phrases for good measure.
A simple front page showing how similar it is to a conventional car, but what the benefits are over one? Perhaps a mileage/fuel/battery hire comparison? No.
I think the Take Care Package of a scent diffuser, purifying and relaxing active ioniser and a toxicity sensor will make it look better than another car and will appeal to the male drivers who are maybe thinking it just acceptable enough to own. Etc.

Renault would be better off holding a focus group of existing Twizy owners and letting us brainstorm a marketing plan and ad campaign for them that will sell more. I’m sure we couldn’t do any worse than they are already.

The first thing they could do is get some for sale. The waiting time is just putting people off. You can walk in and buy and drive away another car in just over an hour but Twizys take months to be delivered. We thought it was just the first few but it is still happening!

Quite a few pre-registered or ex-demos about though, if you aren’t fussy on model and spec.
Renault needed the confidence to bring a load over and put into stock; they will always sell grey Urbans on price and white/black Technics if they discount to Colour price if needed.

I totally agree-they would do well to listen to owners and forums as we are the people living the cars and experiencing the Renault experience.

It’s just little things like taking the doorless cars to roadshows when the scissor doors are loved by all and the doorless cars seen as too vulnerable and not for British weather-they are putting off as many people as they attract.

The Twizy is easy to alter/modify, so why not offer a UK model with standard doors and windows with a tie in to a well loved British company; eg send over grey Urbans with doors, flaps and windows and have a UK firm do a partial wrap (e.g the doors and some stickers) to make it UK edition. Barbour? National Trust edition??

Yep. Problem is I am interested in spec hence my problem. I want mine fully loaded as i do with all my cars. Customer service is poor and I can’t even get my dealer to talk to me over the phone. Seems like they are doing me a favour selling it to me. All I want to know is why they cannot move the vehicle from Southampton docks to the dealer for several more weeks ? Bought my German car in a matter of a week or so. This is a major factor in why they are not selling along with dealer apathy.

Interestingly and off topic I know, but just watched an old Fifth gear program where they were saying it cost £70 to change a light bulb on a Megane due to the design of the bulb access.

Still off topic. If you read the Twizy book it states some bulbs need to be changed by a dealer! Just ask on here if you have to do it. One of us will have the answer.

The problem is that the dealership is about sales/profit. As early adopters we are like pioneers who can see the potential of ZE and the joy in driving such a unique car. The dealer see’s minimum profit margin and are divorced from Renaut’s brave decision to go ZE. The new clio, scenic and megane are the only selling cars… Laguna is deadful, Espace finished, Twingo a flop, Wind not wanted. They have no 4x4 or soft roader. It was bold to sell a ZE - dealers and product weren’t ready, nor the hand made spec of the Twizy ready for the volumes being sold. If a full wrap is available from under £1000 - this can be an alternative to colour. Technic should be Technical - TomTom satnav and audio app in the price (not just the alloys and fake carbon trim). Renault must take control to market it… It’s their business plan, not the dealers who want to meet sale volumes and are independent of the manufacturer.


Just thinking about the Fluence today as it is a big car, even if it is a bit gawky looking - seems pleasant enough. These two deals looked great: http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201211244367659/sort/default/usedcars/model/fluence/make/renault/onesearchad/used/onesearchad/nearlynew/onesearchad/new/page/1/postcode/ss25dj/radius/1501/quicksearch/true/advert-type/standard-listing?logcode=ucnnp
I like the idea you get the free charging station too!

I was looking at the site during a lunch break and more people ask when was it coming to the states and how much for them .We all talked about the short range driving we did for the company wonder if this would be the perfect set up for driving to and from the home office to a sat office a couple of miles away

Auto Express third report link:

oh, and the fourth report with windows…