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Twizy sales stalled?

Looking at the sales figures for this month it looks like the hype is over…
This year they sold 75% less Twizy’s…
More information on the sales here.

That’s a pity, I love mine…

Hopefully some nice weather will change this but it looks impossible to match last year sales.

Hype? When?

I tried to access the link but could not open monthly files, could you post some stats up?

Thanks :cool:

Not surprising since most of the “sales” last year were dealer registered demonstrators.

A-1 is the same month the year before
YTD is year to date: what is sold till today this year


I wonder what the figures would be if dealer registered demos were taken out of the stats?

As people understand EVs more, the cheapest way into one (barring the punishment of a G-Wiz) will be a used Twizy.

If Renault keep going with it (hard to see them pulling it and losing face with their EV direction and ZOE launch) the lack of new models being sold will help resale values in years to come as once the over-supply of ex-demos is cleared, availability in the used market will be scarce and demand should increase as people slowly warm to EVs.

Bad news for Renault but will help long term resale values.