Twizy Seat Advice

Some advice please fellow members…

I noticed today that there is a little tear in the rubber/vinyl part of my front seat. I cant understand how I could of done this as i never wear anything with sharp bits on my pants.

On closer inspection a crease line runs down the edge of the seat cover so it would suggest the tear has resulted from fatigue in the rubber/vinyl. Has anyone else had this issue?

I have only done 3k miles so i am reluctant to pay and get this fixed, is this covered under warranty?

A lot of Twizys have that crease mark. It is where the seat covering folds when you sit on it. It doesn’t help the sun shining on it and ageing the material. I don’t have a quick fix.

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My seat also has this tear, seems like a common problem.
Mine did last until approx. 14000 miles before going. (It’s just turned 18000 miles :smiley: )
I would also like to know a fix for the tear


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Mine is the same, but I am a large chap!!

Maybe with Sugru?
Did not try this stuff myself yet.

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Not seen that stuff before, looks quite good!

Cheers :slight_smile: