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Twizy Seat Finished

so got the couple of bits i need to finish the seat upgrade. just been for a spin and what a diffrent world for comfert. cost all of £90


Is that out of a Smart ForTwo?

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no, should we play a guessing game lol

so its a passanger seat from a 2015 renault twingo, had no idea if it would fit just like the look and the price. i ended uup having to cut the bottom but was able to attach it to the orginal twizy slider.

big hammer drill and grinder did the job lol


Ah right. Well sure the Twingo & ForFour are basically the same car so it pribs is same as the smart car seat. Looks well

thanks, it was comfert and head support i was after, and it really gives that, so i am really happy. also didnt need to damage the orginal in any way.

Looks good.

Doesn’t work without doors (needs twin seat belts) and widows as it wouldn’t like getting wet.

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yes, but a sopose you could get a waterproof seat cover, as to the twin seat belts, i think the orginal seat has one becuase of the seat it has, this being a normal seat should be fine with the standard one. tried to find out why the twizy had the xtra over the sholder belt, but all i coulkd figure was extra safteey.

The extra seat belt was required for the door less Twizys. not sure what else it is used for, although I always use it. If fitted the law may expect it to be used.

Hi, I’m wondering if this seat makes the seating position higher than the original (uncomfortable) seat ? Because of backache I’d like to change the seat, but I’m already looking through the very top of the windscreen (above the wiper in the rain…) so I’m afraid I’d lose too much road view.
Many thanks !

I want to know how I modified the rail at the bottom.,

Looking at this, it does make it higher. I am trying to see if I can lose some height, by altering the standard rails. I don’t want to be buying anything else, just using the origin Twingo/ smart seat.

Herein the video a guy that adapted a Smart Fortwo seat in a Twizy >>

Thank you for posting this. Not quite the same as the newer seat I have. That one sits alot lower, which is good. The method is what I had thought, reusing original holes on both, just need a fab shop now to bend some metal.

Love the sub on the back seat. I am just wiring in a old ipod Dock, as its speakers are way better than the pioneers I installed in the roof. 12v battery buck converter to 18v 2.5amp speaker.

The guy in the video is posting periodically good tricks about Twizy problem fixing… He just posted a HowTo fix the hand-break problem.

I need to brush up on my German, all I know is winkelmesser.

On the OEM Twizy seat, is there a screw in the centre? I sure i took one out, but it looks like a drain hole to me. Cant find any spare screws that’s for sure.

I don’t think there is a screw in the center of OEM seat >>

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Water resistant