Twizy Serv Light during Charing

I just had my Renault Twizy at the repair shop for 17 weeks due to problems with the charing. They could not find the problem, sending the battery east and west, without answers. On Tuesday I got it back, with a promise everything should be ok. Have charged it twice since it got back, and both time the Serv light comes on during charging. Anyone with similar problems?
It seems to be charing fine. It showes full battery at the display, and the range is somewhere where it used to be, but I don’t like seeing the Serv light every time.


Sounds odd.

No service light in normal use only when charging?

Yes, it’s strange. No other lights, and as normal when not charging.

I don’t know what to suggest. Unless something is out of spec on the voltage.

Seems like also the sign for the 58v fractionbattery is lit. Will have to take it back to the repair shop next week.

Did you find out what was causing this?
I have the same two lights on randomly when driving and charging

Check your 12v battery, first as this is known to cause the lights to come on. Do it randomly suggests it is getting ready to be replaced or the terminals need cleaning.

Just search on here for how to get to it and some of the horror stories around the battery.

How do you resolve the problem?

The Service light came on on my Twizy when charging and is was the charger fan that had stopped. I cleared it out and made sure it spun freely. The issue went away for a few months. One night while charging it must have happened again and the charger broke and tripped the garage electrics.

Needed to replace the charger.

First check that you can hear the fan start up when you try to charge. If not then unplug from the mains and lift the floor panel under the drivers feet. there is a large black box that runs across the floor and at the front of this is the fan .

It is not uncommon for leaves, small twigs or stones to get wedged in there. Clear them out and just keep an eye on it. Actually an ear on the fan starting when charging.

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Thank you Osbrook,
I have cleaned the fan with WD40 and it is working now.
Best regards

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Glad to hear it works.
Just keep an ear out for the fn not starting up when charging.