Twizy Serv light reset

Hello I replaced the 12v battery now the Serv light is on, does anyone know how to reset this please?

In short no. Sounds like there is some thing else wrong. Will the Twizy turn on and drive?

If so ignore and it should go out after a number of trips.

Yes all is perfect now, everything works fine… new battery

Just the light… I will see.

Hi. I’m racing the same situation. I replaced the 12V battery; now my Twizy works well but the SERV light is on. I suppose I need to reset it.
Could you kindly stare your esperienze about ?

Odd I changed my 12v Battery and the service light didn’t come on. it wasn’t on before though.

Check the connections on the 12V Battery are clean and tight. While there check it’s Voltage.

Thanks for your suggestions. I have cleaned the battery contacts. The voltate Is around 13.3 V. The SERV light is always on. Is there an application I can use for reading error codes from the diagnostic port ?