Twizy SERV STOP ! Arrest

My Twizy, after having completely unloaded the 12 V battery, stopped with SERV lights on! STOP.
I disassembled the charger, powered and checked the voltages: 14.5 V OK, 36v present before the output relay.
The only obvious fault was the highly oxidized 12V connector.
I bought a twizy programmer on Ebay thinking to make the diagnosis and reset the error codes but it does not work, probably it is not compatible …
Also the charger does not work properly because connecting it charges the 12V battery but not the main lithium battery pack because it does not drive the output relay.
I ask you if deleting the error codes could be a solution to restore the operation.
Can you kindly give me some guidance to solve the problem?
What model of programmer can I buy to run diagnostics and reset errors?
Thank you very much,

Would still suggest faulty 12v battery. Under load if fails so relays do not engage.

Normaly, once the twizy is up, its up and everything will be powerd by the dc/dc. (trough the main battery)

But I agree with osbrook. If you havent replaced the battery you should do so.

14,8 is the max voltage the cicruit will provide.

If the12V is a goner and you have a short/or other way around , the charger may prevent the rest from functioning correctly.

Ho sostituito la batteria 12 V ma il guasto non è cambiato. Bisognerà resettare i codici di errore per ripristinare? Grazie molte

I replaced the 12 V battery but the fault has not changed. Will I need to reset the error codes to reset? Thank you very much

Usually replacing the battery removes the on dash errors.