Twizy sheep! Twizys in the lakes disguised as sheep!

Bit light on the disguise… :slight_smile:

Had a long chat with the owner of another Twizy hire company. Has 20 or so in the New Forest and the same on the Isle of Wight. Seems a very nice guy and charges (no pun there) £49 a day. For Twizy Hire off this guy & a cool video promoting driving a Twizy, see:

He also told me that the man to contact (Only if you get real grief from your dealer/Twizy) was the guy in charge of Renault EU “EV Operations”, Ben Fletcher. Don’t pester him with a bulb failure though!

That’s Baaaaaaahhhhhntastic :grin: I noticed they all had the windows fitted. I am looking for a theme to wrap the Twizy with, maybe a black sheep :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hahahaha that is a funny term when you are talking about electric cars… My comeback would be " well, why didn’t you speak to the already charged guy then?"
Drums!! Param Pam!

No seriously, I am considering starting a Twizy ( or General EV ) rental business for downtown Athens. It’s a great vehicle for our temperatures and I can repair them more or less. I would need a “man in charge” to buy em with batteries. I know renault Italy has sold Buick orders with battery included. And resale on those will be so easy;)))

Great idea and in your country I think you would do very well. So speak with the main man Ben.