Twizy spare battery and accessories

Welcome to the site @Pagett147. Is the Twizy your first EV?

Take a look at @kennethnilsen69 facebook page and you can order one there

Yes it is mate, I really do not know anything about them, my mate bought one and I loved the drive, lots of fun so that’s why I’ve just bought one, not even sure if I got a good deal lol.
I’ve been looking for accessories, are there any? Is there even a spare battery you can carry with you?
I’ve seen some photos of a yellow one with some kind of kit on which looks cool, how can I get mine like that?
Hope you can help. Thanks

How much did you pay? Did you get doors? You can post a photo in here:

The main unofficial accessory for the Twizy that lots of people get is @kennethnilsen69 Powerbox as you’ve seen. Other than that, the only real accessories are things like mud flaps, bluetooth audio kits and things like that. The Twizy is pretty bare bones, but all the better for it.

The yellow one you’ve seen is most probably the F1 Twizy which was made by Renault as a proof of concept, it isn’t for sale. However someone did post a video recently of a Twizy owner that achieved the same look. It isn’t something you can buy as a kit though.

As for spare battery, this isn’t some duracells we’re talking about. The battery is underneath the seat and is what accounts for most of the weight of the Twizy. Not something you can plonk on the back seat unfortunately. So no spare battery no.

However, there are tons of clever people about and some have built their own batteries. If you’re that way inclined I’m sure there are some people on the forum that could help you out with that.

Yes that’s the yellow one I seen.
This is the one I bought, it’s getting delivered on Saturday.

It’s a 64 plate, 4200 miles for £3750
Good deal?

Very nice mate. That’s @Moiz Twizy. See the topic just under this one (on the front page) :laughing:

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Well done. I think you’ve got a good buy.
Enjoy !!

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Yes that’s the one, cost a few hundred quid to get it to me has I live in South Wales, so you have a Twizy, have you done anything to it and have you got a photo?

I sold my Twizy 2 years ago, but definitely miss it.

The best thing I did with mine was the private plate! :nerd:

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Haha yes that’s a fab plate :ok_hand:t3:
You obviously sold it with the plate?

I did. Should have tried selling it separately but I couldn’t be arsed with the hassle of registering another plate for it at the time. It did get me a little bit more for the Twizy though.