Twizy speaker enclosures

The sound in Twizy is… Not good.
So this is my attempt to fix this.

New speakers, Pioneer TS-G1020F.
Just fitting these made little to no difference.
Next step, mounting the speakers in the speaker cover, not using the original brackets. I will use 3D-printed mounts, and enclosures.
Here’s some pics of fitment testing.

Next step, subwoofer mounted in the rear compartment. Sub has been bought, it’s the flat type that usually sits under your seat. Fits like a glove in the back.

If anyone has a easy fix to run 12V to the back, let me know…

Looks great!, I’m doing the same at the moment, let me know how it goes please. My friends looking at doing the 3d printing currently.

Waiting time… While the glue cools.
I used a lot of glue, this thing is probably almost a kg heavier now. Hope it will work!
Enclosures are filled with cotton to dampen resonance.

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Looking forward to hearing feedback to how it works.

Hi. Any update? Excited to hear if it worked!

Work in progress!
Minor modifications has to been done on the car, to make it fit. Nothing major. Just some clearance issues.

Sorry for taking so long. Twizy died…

Some ideas here with foamed wood cilinders anti vibration… on the plastic vibrates…

I take it your rear cubby is watertight? Don’t want that sub getting wet!

It’s not watertight.
But I will make it work.