Twizy Speaker

I thought I would share a great solution for Twizy car entertainment.
I purchased this Pictek Bluetooth Speaker which with its rubberised she’ll cirs perfectly between dash and windscreen. It’s warerproof, speaker output on both sides and fits perfectly well in lockable glovebox for security. Can either plug phone, iPod or MP3 player in or use Bluetooth for hands free phone or music. Up to 30 hours playback!!

Bluetooth Speakers, [20W 30Hours 4400MAH]Pictek Wireless Speakers with Dual Sound Source, Portable Speakers,[Upgraded Version]Shockproof Waterproof Outdoor Dual-Driver with 30-Hour Playtime with Superior Sound, Dark Black


Thanks for sharing this

I had a small Bluetooth Jambox sitting in the same location. Trouble was that it would slide side to side when turning. I ended up getting a larger Jambox and integrated into the car in a more strategic place and have to say that the audio imaging is awesome. I will add a picture below :slight_smile: