Twizy speakers

So I have another Twizy issue

Have my 13 cars I am updating.
I have ordered 13 sets of speakers housing from Renault but apparently they do not sell the clips that retain these to the chassis… great joined up thinking… I had a test car fitted with a parrot blue tooth device and speakers and they say it came with that but not sure how they can sell the speaker housing that needs attaching to the car without the brackets but hey ho they are a multi billion dollar international corporation and me a start up but what would I know…!!! Can anyone advise on where to get them please… I need 13 sets of 3 plus a few spares…All very frustrating… help urgently needed…

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I installed the speaker brackets, speakers, and Parot System myself. I think I just used thick screws through the corner holes to secure the speakers to the brackets. It’s been fine for about a year now. No need for the little faster things.